Elongated, crispy, crunchy, and tasty

Elongated, crispy, crunchy, and tasty, churros consist of deep-fried yeast dough encrusted with sugar.

Churros began to be consumed in Cataluña at the beginning of the 19th century by Spanish shepherds who could easily cook them in a pan over an open fire, but who really invented them, is unknown. According to the Asociación de Churreros Catalana, its origin is probably Arab and is lost in time.Today these unusually shaped, cinnamon sugar sprinkled twists are most commonly eaten in Spain and Latin America, accompanied by a strong cup of coffee, tea, or much better a cup of thick hot chocolate.

Their characteristically shape is achieved by pressing the dough through plastic tubes so it emerges on the other side in thin, ridged ropes. Although churros are a Madrid specialty, the ones found in Seville are often praised because they differ in a lighter and more delicate texture.

In other countries such as Argentina, you can find them with dulce de leche, and in Uruguay with cheese. Regardless of the varieties, churros are an indulgence that must be tried at least once.

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  • 1 cup of flour

  • 1 cup of water

  • 1 teaspoon of oil

  • 1 pinch of salt,

  • Olive oil

  • Sugar

  • Preparation

    • Put the water, salt, and a tablespoon of oil in a saucepan over the fire. When it boils, add the flour at once and stir quickly to form a thick and thin dough. Wait for it to cool and put it in the churrera. Form the churros and fry them in plenty of very hot oil, until they are golden brown.

    • Sprinkle with sugar and serve immediately.


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