The art of creating playful pasta by Linda Miller Nicholson


Pasta Ninja Linda Miller makes noodle art out of vegetables, herbs, & superfoods. No artificial dyes.

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Life’s too short to eat boring food by Jose


Jose, a young vegan from Lima, Peru, uses his limited free time to make the sweetest dishes we can find on the web. His creations are above and beyond — both beautiful and startling.

We are sure most will say, they are certainly too pretty to eat, however, even if there are calories involved it really doesn’t matter because it’s definitely more than worth it.

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Cleverly use of fruits that create hybrid forms like a mismatched jigsaw puzzle by Yuni Yoshida


Japanese designer and artist Yuni Yoshida. cleverly uses parts of fruits with different colors and shades to create appetizing hybrid forms like a mismatched jigsaw puzzle.

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