Chef Amaury Guichon

The art of pastry

By Jon Peloso

I get my inspirations from everywhere I go – nature, museum expositions, designs, arts and all…
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Let’s just come out and say it, Pastry Chef Amaury Guichon is pretty much beyond reproach. His show-stopping chocolate sculptures are masterpiece works of art worthy of entry into any modern art gallery. His flavor combinations are extraordinary and well thought out, combining a Zen master level of boldness and restraint. He’s genuinely passionate and fun-loving.

Erasing the image that I had mistakenly crafted over my 17 years as a chef that pastry chefs were, at their core, psychotic hermits that were to be confined to a back area of the kitchen where they violently exorcised sugar demons and abused everyone in their path.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Chef Amaury started his culinary studies at the early age of 14 years old. He soon moved to France where he began working in the prestigious kitchen under chefs with enormous pedigree. Going on to win contests and awards, place in nationally televised competitions, and lead pastry teams in some of the world’s highest-end hotels.

That is all fine and wonderful. But a lot of people have done that. Gone through the same exact culinary prepping, nurturing, education and refinement with many different results. Chef Guichon goes beyond, there is a sense of architecture and design at work in him that surpasses his peers. As if it existed before his skills as a pastry chef had developed and is now some sort of “added bonus” to his arsenal of culinary tools. His sculptural creations would be difficult to execute even for a seasoned renaissance artist using clay. Guichon is using chocolate.

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We’ve seen chocolate sculpture before. We’ve seen edible sugar replicas of everything imaginable, but we haven’t seen them done quite as well as Amaury. Chef Guichon picks up and expands upon where his contemporaries like Pierre Hermé and Dominique Ansel leave off. Rising to a rare air of detail and scale that few can survive in. The lattice work for example, for the pagoda upon which his insanely detailed chocolate dragon perches, is enough to make you never attempt so much as a sponge cake ever again.

Guichon’s Instagram follows are currently at 2.1 million. While wading through the digital sewer of “influencers” and ad’s, Guichon’s popularity is easy to understand. He offers true artistic value in a field often inaccessible to the commoner. Anyone, upon seeing Amaury create a 3-foot samurai, complete with a Hattori Hanzō level detailed sword and plated armor, would immediately hit the “follow” button. As they should.

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